PCCA Archive

July 2007

"Robin Hood — The Musical"

Front Row: Kevin Rawson, Jarred Rawson, Audrey Van Scoy, Myah Van Scoy
Second Row: Chelsea Anderson, Mary Granofsky, Emma Vanscoy,
Ethan Hansen, Chynna Kiser, Joclyn Van Scoy
Third Row: Chris Rawson, Chris Hansen, Jeremiah Propst, Abby Van Scoy, Abigail Anderson.

Absent from photo are Shane Rawson and Chris Siefken.

Young Pendleton County actors did shine on stage this summer during the annual summer youth production, "Robin Hood — the Musical." Directed by Amy Vandevander and performed by local young actors, the show related the classic tale of Robin Hood, the outlaw of Sherwood Forest, and his merry band of followers.

Robin leads the impoverished citizens of Nottingham in a battle against the evil Prince John. With King Richard the Lion-Hearted away on a crusade, Prince John has risen to power in his place and the poor are suffering under his rule. In a effort to make the Prince more acceptable to the people of England, Lady Merle of Cornwall is forcing the lovely Maid Marian, Robin Hood's childhood sweeheart, to marry the Prince. It's up to Robin to defeat a nasty sheriff and secure Nottingham for the King's return.

A sizable cast of both new and veteran young actors was on board to deliver a great show for the whole family. Robin Hood was played by Chris Hansen, with Chynna Kiser as Maid Marian, Jeremiah Propst as Little John and Emma Van Scoy as Lady Merle.

All the other wonderful characters you would expect to find in the tale of Robin Hood were there too, with supporting roles performed by Joclyn Van Scoy, Abigail Anderson, Myah Van Scoy, Jarred Rawson, Ethan Hansen, Shane Rawson, Chelsea Anderson, Kevin Rawson, Mary Granofsky, Abby Van Scoy, Audrey Van Scoy, and Chris Siefken.