PCCA Archive
September 2009

"Christmas Belles"

Standing L to R: Jane Conrad, Kathy Minor, Craig Hott, Jason Smith,
Rich Gardner and Jodie Gardner. Seated L to R: Anna Mae Harmon,
Kathy Nelson, Charlotte Hoover and Traci Mallow. Not Pictured: Dwayne Propst

Synopsis: The Futrelle sisters are back and as usual, things never go smoothly when they're involved. It is Christmas in Fayro, Texas and time for the annual Christmas program at the Tabernacle of the Lamb. Miss Geneva who has directed the show for the past 27 years has been replaced by Honey Raye Futrelle. Twink Futrelle who was recently jilted and is bitter about it, has been away but returns to see her sister's directorial debut. A cranky Frankie is weeks overdue with her second set of twins and her husband Dub is having his own little trauma. Honey Raye has some new ideas for the Christmas program but will they meet with approval from the citizens of Fayro, Texas? Justin, G. J., John Curtis and Patsy all chip in to help Honey Raye as well as two new citizens of Fayro: Rhonda Lynn and Raynerd. Through all the problems and trouble they encounter, they pull together to present a hilarious Christmas program that the citizens of Fayro, Texas will never forget.