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September 2007

"Barefoot in the Park" by Neil Simon

Scene (from left): Kathy Minor, Megan Sheeley, Dwayne Propst, Wynn Ramage
Cast (from left): Jason Smith, Kathy Minor, Dwayne Propst, Bruce Minor
kneeling — Wynn Ramage and Megan Sheeley

Synopsis: The quick wit and memorable characters of Neil Simon graced the Smith Creek Playhouse stage in his 1963 hit, "Barefoot in the Park." After a six-day honeymoon, a spanking new lawyer, who has just won his first case for six cents in damages, and his young bride, who is as pretty and addled as they come, move into the new, high rent apartment that she has chosen for them. But in order to enjoy the charming character of this apartment one has to climb six wheezing flights, only to find a rough paint job, a leaky skylight and a bedroom barely big enough to hold a single bed. To top it off, an outlandish gourmet who lives in a loft on the roof uses the window ledge as the only access to his padlocked premises.

The situation is enough to break the heart and burst the lungs of any stylish young lawyer; and indeed it does, on the night he flatly refuses to join his wife in a barefoot walk through the snow in the park. She eventually kicks him out but through a hilarious series of events the couple eventually rediscovers their love for each other. Hailed by audiences and critics, "Barefoot in the Park" has been called, "A bubbling, ribtickling comedy," by the New York Times, while the New York Daily News reported, ". . . I don't think anybody stopped laughing while the curtain was up."

Audiences recognized some familiar faces of the stage and were treated to some new acting talent as well. Corie and Paul Bratter, the young newlywed couple, were played by Megan Sheeley and Wynn Ramage, who both made their debuts on the Smith Creek stage, with Kathy Minor as Corie's mother, Ethel; Dwayne Propst as the outlandish Mr. Velasco; Jason Smith as the telephone repair man, Harry Pepper; and Bruce Minor as the Delivery Man.