Dove's Store in Mozer is a surviving relic of the country stores that dotted the landscape of Pendleton County in the days when farmers pulled their horse-drawn wagons alongside the high-walled loading dock. Dove's Store still has items on the shelves from those days that have quietly morphed into collectibles or antiques.

Ralph and Larry have adapted to the changed shopping patterns of today by selling the snack food, pop and other items that don't warrant a trip to town. They are also a dealer and service shop for the Shindaiwa line of chain saws, leaf blowers, string trimmers, brush cutters and other power equipment. Intrepid tourists can find the store by taking Brushy Run Rd. from Rt. 220 north of Upper Tract and turning left at its end.

Hours irregular but usually 8 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Saturday. Call (304) 358-7182. E-mail.


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