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County Clerk
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Pendleton County



Pendleton County Commission 
Commission Members:
Bob Armentrout
Carl Hevener
Judy Hott
Meeting schedule: The first and third Tuesdays of each month unless otherwise noted at the Courthouse: 9 a.m. These meetings are open to the public, although if you wish to speak the Commission, you are asked to call ahead to be placed on the agenda. The agenda is posted on the Courthouse door several days before the meeting.
County Clerk's Records
Pendleton County Community & Economic Development Authority

Executive Director -
Shawn Hershberger

Board of Directors:
Carl Warner, president
Jim Brown
Earl Dowdy
Michael Harman
Kenneth P. Harper
Alice Hartman
Jeff Hott
Betty Kimble
Scott Thompson
Reed Waggy


If you wish to address the PC-ECDA, call to be placed on the agenda: (304) 358-2074. Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Franklin Town Council

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at the Pendleton Community Building. Meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. The mayor Pam Waybright and council have stated that members of the public are invited to attend these regular meetings.

Town Council Members
Pam Waybright, mayor
Nancy Scott, recorder Genevieve Glover, member
T.E. Wimer, Jr., member
Estyl Shreve, member
Buster Waybright, member
John David Eye, member

Kim Pitsenbarger,
Mary Boyer, 
administrative assistant




Pendleton County Government •
The newly remodeled historic courthouse, located on Main Street in Franklin, contains offices for the County Clerk, County Commission, Assessor, Sheriff, Magistrates, Public Service Commission and Circuit Court.

Pendleton County is governed by an elected 3-member commission. Offices are open Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. • Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon (July - September only).

The current presiding judges are Donald B. Cookman (above) and Jerry D. Moore (right). Phone: 358-7067

Circuit Court's Office • The Circuit Court's Office is where jury duty notices are generated and where the records and orders of the Circuit Court are kept. The court is in session on an as-needed basis depending on case load.

Shalee Wilburn is the clerk of the office, assisted by Heather Puffenbarger and Susie Wagoner.

County Clerk's Office • The County Clerk's office is the repository for all the records of the county and where various legal transactions from wills to real estate are recorded. It is also responsible for county bookkeeping.

Along with their regular duties, Linda Rexrode and her staff of Loretta Blankenship and Elise White willingly provide competent, cheerful assistance to anyone needing help in tracking down some particular record or document. Phone: 358-2505


County Assessor's Office • The Assessor's Office appraises property and prepares the personal and real property tax reports that are sent out each July.

It is on the basis of these reports that property taxes are levied each year. Building permits are also obtained in this office.

Carolyn Sponaugle and her staff of Anne Fischer, Kim Grace, Ashley Ruddle and Sandie Smith are always available to help property owners understand the process by which valuations are made and to assist them with needed changes to the assessments. Phone: 358-2563


Kim Grace, Ashley Ruddle & Sandie Smith

Anne Fischer

  Sheriff's Office • The Sheriff's Office handles the collection of monies due the county — primarily personal property and real property taxes as well as fines and other fees. Law enforcement functions involve activities related to court orders and state civil code, and assisting State Police in criminal investigations. Sheriff Kevin Puffenberger and Deputies Chad Bowers and Rick Pownell are in charge of law enforcement. The office staff consists of Julie Bland, Anna Mauzy and Jennifer Armentrout. Phone: 358-2214  

Sheriff Kevin Puffenberger


Deputy Chad Bowers

Deputy Rick Pownell

Julie Bland, Anna Mauzy & Jennifer Armentrout.

  County Commission's Office • The Pendleton County Commission's office is staffed by administrative assistant Karen Pittsenbarger.

It is here that anyone having business with the County Commission comes. The bimonthly public meetings of the Commission are held in a meeting room on the second floor of the Courthouse. Phone: 358-7573

The Magistrate's Office • The Magistrate's Office is where arrest warrants are issued, probable cause hearings are held, non-criminal disputes are adjudicated, and misdemeanors including traffic law violations, are handled The more serious crimes and civil disputes over $5,000 will end up in Circuit Court. Kevin C. Sponaugle is the County Attorney and represents the County in Circuit Court.

Andrew Hinkle


Leland Propst
The county has two magistrates who alternate days of being on duty and are on 24-hour call for cases of domestic violence. Leland Propst and Andrew Hinkle are assisted by office staff of Sandra Bennett, Mary-Ann Simpson and clerk Judy Grimm. Phone: 358-2343

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